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Rizzi, A., University of Rome "La Sapienza", Italy
Vichi, M., University "G.D'Annunzio" di Chieti, Pescara, Italy
Bock, H.-H., RWTH Aachen, Germany
EDITORA: Springer
ISBN: 3-540-64641-8
1998. XV, 682 pp. 141 figs., 75 tabs. Softcover
Classification, Data Analysis, Clustering, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic

The book provides new developments in classification and data analysis, and presents new topics which are of central interest to modern statistics. In particular, these include classification theory, multivariate data analysis, multi-way data, proximity structure analysis, new software for classification and data analysis, and applications in social, economic, medical and other sciences. For many of these topics, this book provides a systematic state of the art written by top researchers in the world. This book will serve as a helpful introduction to the area of classification and data analysis for research workers and support the transfer of new advances in data science and classification to a wide range of applications.


Methodologies in Classification: Clustering and Classification: J.D. Carroll, A. Chaturvedi: K-Midranges Clustering.- A. Cerioli: A New Method for Detecting Influential Observations in Nonhierarchical Cluster Analysis.- J.C. Gower, G.J.S.Ross: Non-Probabilistic Classification.- A. Hardy, P. Andre: An Investigation of Nine Procedures for Detecting the Structure in a Data Set.- C. Hennig: Clustering and Outlier Identification: Fixed Point Cluster Analysis.- S. Korenjak-Cerne, V. Batagelj: Clustering Large Datasets of Mixed Units.- J.A. Martin-Fernandez, C. Barcelo-Vidal, V. Pawlowsky-Glahn: A Critical Approach to Non-Parametric Classification of Compositional Data.- F. Murtagh, J.L. Stark, M. Berry: Clustering Based on Wavelet Transform: Applications to Point Pattern Clustering and to High-Dimensional Data Analysis.
Comparison and Consensus of Classifications: C. Hayashi, K. Yamaoka: Beyond Simpon`s Paradox: One Problem in Data Science.- F.J. Lapointe: For Consensus (With Branch Lengths).- B. Leclerc: Consensus of Classifications: The Case of Trees.- J. L. Thorley, M. Wilkinson, M. Charleston: The Information Content of Consensus Trees.
Fuzzy Clustering and Fuzzy Methods: S. Bodjanova: Compatible and Complementary Fuzzy Partitions.- S. Miyamoto, K. Umayahara: Two Methods of Fuzzy c-Means and Classification Functions.- M. Ryoke, Y. Nakamori, H. Tamura: Dynamic Determination of Mixing Parameters in Fuzzy Clustering.- M. Sato-Ilic, Y. Sato: A Dynamic Additive Fuzzy Clustering Model.- S. Turpin-Dhilly, C. Botte-Lecocq: Application of Fuzzy Mathematical Morphology for Pattern Classification.
Optimization in Classification and Constrained Classification: : K.Bachar, I.-C. Lerman: Statistical Conditions for a Linear Complexity for an Algorithm of Hierarchical Classification Under Constraint of Contiguity.- V. Batagelj, A. Ferligoj: Constrained Clustering Problems.- T. Gastaldi, D. Vicari: A Constrained Clusterwise Procedure for Segmentation.- L. Gueguen, R. Vignes, J. Lebbe: Maximal Predictive Clustering with Order Constraint: a Linear and Optimal Algorithm.- I. Lari, M. Maravalle, B. Simeone: A Linear Programming Based Heuristic for a Hard Clustering Problem on Trees.- M. Mizuta: Two Principal Points of Symmetric Distributions.- N, Nicoloyannis, M. Terrenoire, D. Tounissoux: Pertinence for a Classification.- J. Trejos, A. Murillo, E. Piza: Global Stochastic Optimization Techniques Applied to Partitioning.
Probabilistic Modelling Methods in Classification and Pattern Recognition: H. Bensmail, J.J. Meulman: MCMC Inference for Model-Based Cluster Analysis.- L. Györfi, M. Horvath: On the Asymptotic Normality of a Resubstitution Error Estimate.- G. V. Orman: Stochastic Methods for Generative Systems Analysis.- H.J. Vos: Compensatory Rules for Optimal Classification with Mastery Scores.
Other Approaches for Classification: Discrimination, Neural Network, Regression Tree: Discrimination and Classification: V. Bertholet, J.P. Rasson, S. Lissoir: About the Automatic Detection of Training Sets for Multispectral Images Classification.- A.P.Duarte Silva: A "Leaps and Bounds" Algorithm for Variable Selection in Two Group Discriminant Analysis.- M.-H. Huh, K-S. Yang: Canonical Discriminant Analysis of Multinomial Samples with Applications to Textual Data.- I.C. Lerman, J.F. Pinto da Costa: How to Extract Predictive Binary Attributes from a Categorical One.- L. Lizzani: A Density Distance Based Approach to Projection Pursuit Discriminant Analysis.- A. Montanari, D. G. Calo: Two Group Linear Discrimination Based on Transvariation Measures.- J.-P. Rasson, D. Jacquemin, V. Bertholet: A New Geometrical Hypothesis for Clustering and Discriminant Analysis.
Neural Network and Classification: H.-H. Bock: Clustering and Neural Networks.- M. Grabowski: Application of Self-Organizing Maps to Outlier Identification and Estimation of Missing Data.- D. Nauck, A. Nürnberger, R. Kruse: Neuro-Fuzzy Classification.
Regression Tree: J. Klaschka, R. Siciliano, J. Antoch: Computational Enhancements in Tree-Growing Methods.- G. Michel, J.L. Lambert, B. Cremilleux, M. Henry-Amar: A New Way to Build Oblique Decision Trees Using Linear Programming.- F. Mola: Classification and Regression Trees Software and New Developments.- R. W. Payne, S. A. Harding: STABLE: a Visual Environment for the Study of Multivariate Data.
Factorial Methods: Factorial Methods for Multivariate Data: J.M.F. ten Berge: Some Recent Developments in Factor Analysis and the Search for Proper Communalities.- H. Bozdogan, K. Shigemasu: Bayesian Factor Analysis Model and Choosing the Number of Factors Using a New Informational Complexity Criterion.- M. Calvo, A. Villarroya, J.M. Oller: Nonlinear Biplots for Multivariate Normal Grouped Populations.- A. Ciok: Discretization as a Tool in Cluster Analysis.- C. Croux, P. Filzmoser: A Robust Biplot Representation of Two-way Tables.- P. Giudici, E. Stanghellini: Graphical Factor Analysis Models: Specification and Model Comparison.- S.-T. Han, J. Choi: Graphical Analysis of Fully Ranked Data.- Y. Kano: Improper Solutions in Exploratory Factor Analysis: Causes and Treatments.
Symbolic and Textual Data Analysis: Symbolic Data Analysis: P. Brito: Symbolic Clustering of Probabilistic Data.- F. de A.T. de Carvalho, R. M.C.R. de Souza: Statistical Proximity Functions of Boolean Symbolic Objects Based on Histograms.- A. Chouakria, E. Diday, P. Cazes: Vertices Principal Components Analysis with an Improved Factorial Representation.- M. Csernel: On the Complexity of Computation with Symbolic Objects Using Domain Knowledge.- E. Diday: Symbolic Data Analysis: A Mathematical Framework and Tool for Data Mining.- S. Lissoir, J.-P. Rasson: Symbolic Kernel Discriminant Analysis.- E. Perinel: Decision Trees and Uncertain Inference.- G. Polaillon: Interpretation and Reduction of Galois Lattices of Complex Data.- P. Valtchev: Proximity Function for Clustering of Software Objects.
Textual Data Analysis: S. Balbi: Textual Data Analysis for Open-Questions in Repeated Surveys.- M. Becue-Bertaut: Three-Way Textual Data Analysis.- L. Lebart: Classification Problems in Text Analysis and Information Retrieval.- M. Rajman, R. Besancon: Text Mining - Knowledge Extraction from Unstructured Textual Data.
Multivariate and Multidimensional Data Analysis: Proximity Analysis and Multidimensional Scaling: G. Luo: A General Formulation of Multidimensional Unfolding Models Involving the Latitude of Acceptance.- J.J. Meulman, L.J. Hubert, W.J. Heiser: The Data Theory Scaling System.- H. Miyano: A Note on Identification and Similarity Models.- M. Riani, S. Zani: Generalized Distance Measures for Asymmetric Multivariate Distributions.- T. Rivas Moya: Obtaining Disparities as Slopes of Greatest Minorant Convex.
Multivariate Data Analysis: S. Borra, A. Di Ciaccio: Non-Parametric Regression Models for the Conjoint Analysis of Qualitative and Quantitative Data.- P.-A. Cornillon, R. Sabatier: Local Multivariate Analysis.- L. D`Ambra, R. Lombardo, G. Tessitore: Non-Parametric Regression and Non-Linear Data Analysis: an Overview.- Y. Dodge, V. Rousson: Mulitvariate L1 Mean.- J.-F. Durand, N. Molinari, R. Sabatier: Simple and Multiple Regression Splines with Bounded Optimal Knots.
Non-Linear Data Analysis: S. Camiz, J.-J. Denimal: Interpretation of a Cross-Classification: a New Method and an Application.- L. Ippoliti, L. Romagnoli: Bidimensional Kalman Filter and Iterated Conditional Modes.- A. Laghi: An Iterative Reweighting Procedure to Robustify Projection Pursuit Regression.- A. M. Mineo, A. Plaia: Statistical Multivariate Techniques for the Stock Location Assignment Problem.- S. F. Tonellato: A Bayesian Approach to the Analysis of Spatial Time Series.
Multiway Data Analysis: P. D`Urso, M. Vichi: Dissimilarities Between Trajectories of a Longitudinal Data Set.- H.A.L. Kiers: An Overview of Three-way Analysis and Some Recent Developments.- P. M. Kroonenberg: Studying the Diffusion of Three-Mode Analysis in Chemistry: Design Considerations.- G. Nakhaeizadeh, C.C. Taylor: Selection of Classification Models Using Data Envelopment Analysis.- M. M. Oliveira, J. T. Mexia: Tests for the Rank of Matrices of Hilbert-Schmidt Products.- S. Tatsunami, R. Kuwabara, N. Yago, J.-I. Mimaya, K. Yamada, M. Sato, Y. Sato: Application of Three-Way Data Clustering to Analysis of Lymphocyte Subset Numbers in Japanese Hemophiliacs Infected with HIV-1.
Case Studies: Applied Classification and Data Analysis: A. Bellacicco, C. De Vecchis: On an Error Detecting Algorithm on Textual Data Files.- S. Popescu-Spineni: Hierarchy Techniques of Multidimensional Data Analysis (MDA) in Social Medicine Research.- C. Rossi: Classification and Decision Making in Forensic Sciences: the Speaker Identification Problem.- M. Walesiak, J. Dziechciarz, A. Bak: Ordinal Variables in the Segmentation of Advertisement Receivers.- O. Yoshimura, N. Ohsumi, Y. Kawaura, N. Maruyama, S.-I. Yanagimoto, Y. Anraku, M. Murata: Some Experimental Trial of Electronic Surveys on the Internet Environments.