Newsletters da IFCS


IFCS 49, Julho 2014

I hope that you are enjoying your summer. I am delighted that this newsletter, number 49, includes interviews with presidents of member societies for the first time. I think that this is an important initiative that will be of great interest to readers."


IFCS 48, março 2014

This is my first contribution to IFCS Newsletter since my election as President, so I may start by expressing my great pleasure to work for the Federation after having already gained so much by participating in its scientific activities. It is a privilege and a great honor for me to serve as President. The relevance of the history of IFCS and the eminence of my predecessors, clearly teach me that I will have to be an active President to continue to increase the appreciation of the Federation within the scientific community."


IFCS 47, Novembro 2013

Since the last Newsletter, the IFCS-2013 conference was held in Tilburg (The Netherlands). I am most happy that the conference was well attended, and especially that the overall quality of the presentations was very high."


IFCS 46, Julho 2013

“The preparations of the IFCS-2013 conference in Tilburg (The Netherlands) are now nearing their end, and I must say that I am most impressed by the extraordinary efforts and the dedication of Jeroen Vermunt and his team. Because of their work, I am confident that everything is now ready to go for a scientifically challenging and very successful conference!."


IFCS 45, Março 2013

The preparations for the IFCS-2013 conference in Tilburg (The Netherlands) have now reached cruising speed, with already 177 paper submissions and 21 invited sessions, in addition to no less than 8 distinguished invited speakers and 4 pre-conference tutorials."


IFCS 44, Novembro 2012

“During the past few months, the local organizers of the forthcoming IFCS-2013 meeting in Tilburg (The Netherlands) have been working diligently on the preparation of the conference, in consultation with the IFCS-2013 Scientific Program Committee and the IFCS Executive Committee. These efforts have been very successful, leading to the foundations of a most impressive conference program, with seven distinguished invited speakers, eleven thematic invited sessions (that cover a broad range of IFCS-related topics), and four interesting preconference tutorials.”


IFCS 43, Maio 2012

"IFCS is facing quite a few thrilling challenges! It is a privilege to be given the opportunity to serve the Federation in the role of President at such a time, and I very much look forward to collaborating with the IFCS Executive Committee, the IFCS Council and the broad community of researchers in classification and data analysis to move our research and interactions to a next level."


IFCS 42, Dezembro 2011
“Since the writing of my previous column for the Newsletter, the IFCS Symposium has been held in Frankfurt in conjunction with the joint conference of the German Classification (GFKl)
and the German Association for Pattern Recognition (DAGM).”


IFCS 41, Maio 2011

“Since my last column, the IFCS has had some changes to its Executive Committee with a new Scientific Secretary and Treasurer. I would like to congratulate and extend a very warm welcome to Professor Patrice Bertrand and Dr Nema Dean on their election to the positions of Scientific Secretary and Treasurer, respectively.”


IFCS 40, Dezembro 2010
"Since my last column, members of the Executive Committee of the IFCS have been extremely busy in making new arrangements for the IFCS-2011 conference, following the decision not to proceed with the University of St. Andrews site. "

IFCS 39, Julho 2010
As this is my first column as President of IFCS, I would like to say how much I am looking forward to serving the Federation in this role.

IFCS 38, Novembro 2009
Since the last Newsletter, things have been fairly quiet. Vincenzo’s Scientific Secretary report gives an update on Executive Committee activity. One particular newsworthy event is that IFCS has welcomed the Greek Society of Data Analysis (GSDA) as a new member society.

IFCS 37, Junho 2009
The Dresden, IFCS 2009 conference was a great success with a robust scientific program, excellent social activities, fine facilities and superb organization.

IFCS 36 (Addendum), Novembro 2008
"Various options for publishing papers presented at the International Conference IFCS-2009 in Dresden/Germany ..."

IFCS 36, Novembro 2008
"This past July I attended the 32nd Annual Conference of GfKl that was held in Hamburg (a joint conference with the BCS and VOC)..."

IFCS 35, Maio 2008
"I’d like to start off my first contribution as President by thanking Past-President David Hand for his good work on behalf of IFCS..."

IFCS 34, Novembro 2007

"This will be my final contribution to the Newsletter as President. It is true to say that the two years have flown by..."